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Who should wear a cup?

In our latest Podcast, Cyd and I discussed whether athletes wore cups or even needed to. We received this thoughtful response from a listener who provided some terrific information:

I enjoyed listening to the podcast about cups and jocks. Who SHOULD wear a cup? As a former EMT who took care of many athletic injuries, I can say that anyone with a pair of testicles should wear at least a jock, and in contact sports, some type of cup.

Testicular injuries are VERY painful. I have seen a direct hit in which the testicle literally unravels and requires surgical removal. I experienced a direct hit while on a call for a domestic assault, and from that time on wore a cup to all such incidents. (Most of my EMT, fireman and law enforcement buddies wear cups for work.)

The absolute best protection, and best comfort with full movement, is given by layering: a regular jock, comp shorts, and then a cup jock over the comp shorts. If this proves to be too warm, then chose a regular jock under a cup pocket pair of comp shorts. You never out grow your need for testicular protection, it is not just for "kids."

All the best to you, "stay strapped,"

Question to all jocks: Do you wear a cup, and why or why not? If not, what do you do for protection?