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Oops! Fox shows player's penis in locker room

Damn, wish I hadn't turned off Fox's postgame show after the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions. The network accidentally showed tight end Visanthe Shiancoe displaying what he's got underneath those compression shorts.

Shiancoe was inadvertently shown naked on television while a FOX camera crew taped owner Zygi Wilf's presentation of the game ball to coach Brad Childress' 19-year-old son Andrew, who is joining the Marine Corps on Monday. Shiancoe was standing behind and to the side of Wilf with a towel partly covering his body. But not completely.

Here is a video link from a viewer who posted the clip on YouTube, but I bet it will be taken down very quickly once the NFL and Fox get wind, so this may or may not be active; you can also see a screen capture here, courtesy of Deadspin. Fox apologized for the shot, saying it was an oversight.

Shancoe is the second NFL tight end to show his penis to the world this season. In September, Cris Cooley of the Washington Redskins accidentally showed his penis when he posted a blog entry about studying his playbook. Every week since, Outsports gets good traffic on the Cooley item as people watching the Skins game type in "Cris Cooley" and "penis."

Hat tip to Pro Football Talk where I first saw the Shancoe item.