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Army and Navy's SWEET Alternate Uniforms

If you didn't see the Army-Navy game this weekend -- and judging from the ratings, you didn't -- you missed a friggin' sweet set of alternate jerseys the Black Knights and Midshipmen wore. Dubbed the "Enforcer" jersey, this marketing ploy/fun idea made an otherwise boring game more entertaining.

Navy's uniform is pretty standard 2008 uniform fare. White with a blue and gold shoulders, but a quite cool anchor on the right shoulder and the US Navy logo on the right. Army's uniform on the other hand was definitely unique and awesome...

Bad. Ass.

The Knights wore Black jerseys with gray/green camoflauge helmets, pants, AND numbers. They had writing on the pants as well, one leg said "West Point" and the other "We own the ground." Of course, the uniforms worked a little too well, since Navy ran on them like they weren't there, winning the game 34-0. At least they looked good in losing.