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Jeff Garcia 'loves to date hot quarterbacks'

We have written for years about the rumors surrounding NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia and his declaration that he is not gay. So, I found myself doing a double take when I heard ESPN's Tony Kornheiser say this about Garcia, the Tampa starter, during Monday's Panthers-Buccaneer's game:

"Jeff Garcia, who loves to date hot quarterbacks. Tried to get Brett Favre."

I laughed when I heard this, knowing that Kornheiser made a mistake. He meant Jon Gruden, not Jeff Garcia. Gruden, the Tampa coach, is known for falling in and out of love (in a football sense) with quarterbacks, and he was flirting with Favre in the offseason. Kornheiser was apparently riffing on something Garcia said about Gruden earlier this year: "He loves quarterbacks. But he likes to just date. He doesn't like to marry."

Still, the juxtaposition of the Garcia rumors with the Kornheiser comments was a Freudian slip at its best.

Here is the audio, courtesy of Pro Football Talk: