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Gaydar is amazingly accurate

This is not sports-specific, but fascinating nonetheless. "In just a fraction of a second, people can accurately judge the sexual orientation of other individuals by glancing at their faces, according to new research," Science reports.

Researchers showed men and women photos of 90 faces belonging to homosexual men and heterosexual men for intervals ranging from 33 milliseconds to 10 seconds. When given 100 milliseconds or more to view a face, participants correctly identified sexual orientation nearly 70% of the time. Volunteers were less accurate at shorter durations, and their accuracy did not get better at durations beyond 100 milliseconds, the team reports in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

And there's also the "smell test."

Hmmm, so maybe I am right about a certain NFL quarterback or two? --Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to The Peculiar One blog.