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A Spanish soccer star's kiss

blogkiss1.jpg(Update note: Read this followup that suggests he might have been kissing a woman). Original report:

Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez, a soccer player for the elite Real Madrid team in Spain, is in the news after being caught by a tabloid kissing another man outside a restaurant ("Guti" is the guy on the left in the photo). Not a smart thing to do if you are married and have two kids. As Pink News reported:

Spanish tabloid magazine Cuore ran the photos of Real Madrid midfielder Guti outside a restaurant. Jose Maria Gutierrez Hernandez, 31, is married to TV presenter Arancha de Benito and they have two children. She has made a statement to the press stating she has decided to "take a break" from their eight year marriage.

A “break” is not a bad idea if hubby was jawlocking with another man, even in Spain where gay marriage is legal.

We got the tip from a reader in Europe. “Since I am a true European, I follow soccer pretty closely and this kind of news is shocking the fields right now. Maybe he will be the first major soccer player that would come out?!?!! Who knows.”

Yes, who does know whether “Guti” is gay? Being outed by a tabloid isn’t my ideal way for a pro jock to come out. But at least it’s better for an athlete to kiss a guy outside a restaurant than to engage in an altercation with gays, ala Brady Quinn. Make love, not war. –Jim Buzinski