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Wahl: Anti-gay chants must stop

Grant Wahl at examines the overly negative attacks that college basketball fans are levying on visiting players. He focuses particularly on the anti-gay chants and messages that some of these vulgar sociopaths are using to make those visiting players feel like crap:

There may not be nearly as many ­incidents of racism and anti-Semitism in college arenas as there were in the 1960s, but in the year 2008 many fans are waving anti-gay signs, which often appear on national TV broadcasts. Last month a Pittsburgh fan held up a BROKEBACK MOUNTAINEERS sign when the Panthers met rival West Virginia. And when Kansas State hosted Kansas, one prominent sign (partly written in rainbow-colored script) read TIM HARDAWAY STILL HATES KU, a reference to Hardaway's widely criticized homophobic comments last year. A sign at the UCLA-­Oregon game proclaimed KEVIN LOVES JOHN AMAECHI, suggesting a link between Love and the openly gay former NBA player.

Some of these players who are having to experience this are actually gay (not to mention the many fans who are gay as well who have to sit through this. How long will it take the NCAA and conferences to do something about this? We'll see. -Cyd Zeigler jr.