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A bitter Patriots fan

We often getting letters of praise or criticism for what we write. I am posting this one because it is the most vitriolic I have ever received since Outsports began. It concerned my Super Bowl recap, which also ran on You can read it here, but in short I basically wrote about how happy I was that the Patriots lost. This letter, from which I have removed the name and e-mail address, is a classic in the angry fan genre:

Greetings from a sickening, disgusting, gag-inducing, insufferable Boston-area sports fan. Your article on the Patriot's Super Bowl loss had to be one of the worst pieces of crap I've read on in a looooong time ... and that's saying a lot for website loaded with tons of crap. What did the Patriots and Red Sox ever do to you? Do you consider the Giants and Yankees to be prime examples of humility, generosity of spirit and all-around swell-guy kindness? Please! These are teams that wrote the book on bought-and-paid-for arrogance and their fans are never far behind. Your article is such a bitter rant that you might think your beloved team lost the Super Bowl. THEY WON! So shut up and move on.

While I'm impressed that you pulled a big word like schadenfreude out of your ass, you might want to check out a dictionary the next time you move beyond the monosyllabic. It really doesn't apply when you are talking about Red Sox and Patriots fans. Just because people support their teams and are excited about their victories DOES NOT mean they are "taking pleasure from the misfortune of others" or engaging in "malicious glee or gloating." Now if you really want to see an example of true schadenfreude, try this: I find it wholly ironic that you cast aspersions on ESPN. Have you looked in the mirror? You are a third rate writer for a third rate website. To those of us in the real world, that's a guy who's meaningless.

Enjoy the comment I left for your "article" on
Jim Buzinski's place in sports commentary: meaningless. Of all the post game comments I have read, yours has to be the most obnoxious, addle-brained and blindly biased. Yes, the Pats lost the Super Bowl. With that said, none of what came before is meaningless. Unless you are some inane writer for a gay website who thinks he knows something about sports. The Patriots sealed their place in history long before the Super Bowl. Sorry if the truth hurts, but those are the facts. Rather than talking about what a thrilling game it must have been for those watching at home, you decide it's time to play a few rounds of smart-ass revisionist history. Maybe you should work where that kind of writing is celebrated ... somewhere in the Bush/Cheney administration. Even more hilarious is your lame attempt at dinging ESPN. Yeah, a guy who writes for is really in a position to knock the single biggest brand and website in sports. Get a clue and life. You need both.

I have yet to reply. –Jim Buzinski