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Gay-friendly French jock and model

romaina1.jpgLast year we wrote about Romain Barras, a French decathlete, and how he loved to be viewed as beautiful by gay men. "It is lucky to have articles [about me] on the gay websites … I found it to be super flattering on these sites to be surrounded by very beautiful guys. I always had affinities with the gay community. This is a world which does not shock me."

He even joked about and innuendo to his endowment.

"I like the frankness and gay humor, for example, the photo where one said that I have a pole as big as this," he said in reference to a photo caption on a blog. The blogger asked if his pole was that big. "No, no, it is bigger," Barras said laughing.

Barras is a featured model on a French fashion website Dandy Mag. The photo with this item is by Cyprien Leym and the complete portfolio of Barras can be found here. –Jim Buzinski

More Barras photos here, here, here and here. Tip of the hat to Outsports contributing photographer Finneye.