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The Masters, Day 2

One of the things that always cracks me up about sports is the concept of Anointed Ones. The Anointed Ones are people or teams or nations that are considered so superior to their competition that it's almost akin to kicking a basket of puppies to have them play their supposedly inferior competition. Case in point: Tiger Woods going in to this week at Augusta.

If the hype were to be believed, it wasn't really a question of whether Woods would win his fifth Masters title, but by how many strokes. Even some players were musing on that theme and there was certainly much talk of a contiguous season Grand Slam. Those two scenarios are looking very iffy after play on Friday. After shooting even par on Thursday, Woods only managed one under on Friday, for a two day total of one under. Not bad, of course, but considering that hottie Trevor Immelman is eight under, it might pose some problems for the Coronation of Tiger.