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First footballers' wives, now hockey wives

soap_logo.gifSoapNet, the Disney-owned cable network that has been airing reruns of daytime and old school soap operas for years, has announced its second original program; this one based on the wives of professional hockey players. From The Hollywood Reporter:

"MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives" (working title), produced by Toronto-based Screen Door, revolves around the on- and off-the-ice drama surrounding the Canadian Mustangs hockey team and the women in their lives. It marks the channel's second original scripted series following the "General Hospital" spinoff "Night Shift," which broke network records during its run in the summer.

I find it a little strange that, if they wanted to highlight a sport in their new series, they'd settle on hockey. Sure, hockey players can be super hot. But they also skate around with masks and bulky padding on (not exactly titilating) and the sport isn't exactly the most popular in the U.S. Now calm down, I'm not dissing hockey, it's just odd to me that they'd choose it for this show (though the Toronto-based production company is probably a clue). Alas, I'll definitely tune in to see how it is.

The series premieres June 19. -Cyd Zeigler jr.