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Fans after death

More examples of people who need to get a life:

Even though he's only 37 and in good health, Nathan Davis has already made out his will. In it, he bequeaths money to the University of Alabama athletic department and his ashes to Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Davis, whose heavily tattooed body is a living tribute to his beloved school, wants his remains to become an actual part of it.

"I spell it out in my will," Davis said. "My first choice is to spread my ashes at the stadium, second is on the Walk of Champions, and third is on Bear Bryant's statue."

Davis is one of an apparently large number of people who feel there's no better place to spend eternity than the place they cheered on the old home team or otherwise celebrated their favorite sport.

Of course, does Davis realize that spreading his ashes on a statue will only cause them to blow away or be despoiled by a passing pigeon? Maybe Bear would have wanted it that way. --Jim Buzinski