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Too Manny

manny.jpgManny Ramirez, who has never been one to gloat or be cocky, has taken his bravado to a whole new level. He has now proclaimed himself the best left fielder in the history of the Boston Red Sox franchise.

"How am I going to win a Gold Glove if they take me out in the eighth (inning)," said the Sox left fielder, repeating a line he has passed through the clubhouse since he was removed for defensive replacement Jacoby Ellsbury [stats] on Friday night against the Twins.

That was a joke.

This, however, wasn't:

"I think I'm the best ever to play left field in Boston," the slugger said.

Manny is forgetting some pretty big names that would almost certainly beat him in any poll taken. Carl Yastrzemski for one, 18 time all star, 7 time golden glove winner, Hall of Famer, maybe Manny has heard of him. No?

How about Ted Williams? Teddy Ballgame? .344 lifetime batting average, 521 home runs, 2 time triple crown winner, 2 time MVP, the last player to hit over .400 in a season (.406 in 1941). Really, these are the guys that you are better than? Really? With your not so great range in the outfield. Really? With your .313 career batting average?

Someone get Manny a history book. Brenton Metzler