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NBA playoffs: Weirdly predictable

This year's NBA playoffs have lacked the drama of the past few years. It's not that bad basketball is being played (LeBron James' dunk against the Celtics on Monday was major highlight material). Rather, one need only look at what team is wearing white and you can figure out who will win.

Through 16 games of the conference semifinals, the home teams are 15-1; only Detroit winning Game 4 at Orlando broke the streak. And 11 of the 16 games have been decided by 10 points or more. The Celtics, who were a league-best 31-10 on the road in the regular season, are 0-5 in the playoffs, including three losses at mediocre Atlanta. It is said that a playoff series doesn't start until a road team wins; using that measure, we are still waiting for three of these of series to start. --Jim Buzinski