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Weekly Baseball Ramblings

jj.jpgFirst off, I just caught a Milwaukee Brewers game the other day. Damn, I forget how unbelievably hot JJ Hardy is.

Now on to Ramblings.

Out of the top ten smallest crowds in the History of the Seattle Mariners franchise, 7, count them 7 have come this season.

Congrats to Derek Jeter, Short Stop for the New York Yankees who hit his first home rum of the season on Saturday, ending a career-long streak of 128 at bats without one to begin the season.

Boston Red Sox's Jacoby Ellsbury has some speed. He stole second last Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers, even though Pudge Rodriguez and his rocket arm were clocked, from the time he catches the ball. throws it and it arrives in the second basemen's mitt, at 1.75 seconds. Damn.

The San Diego Padres, reeling in the midst of a horrible start, released center fielder Jim Edmonds after his batting average dipped 100 points under his career average to a dismal .178.

Tom Glavin, starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves is now in 24th place on the career strike-out list with 2,584.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher, Kenny Rogers is now the pick-off champ. he has 92 career pick-offs in the majors after picking off Wilson Betemit at first base.

Time for a senior moment. For the first time in the modern era of Major League Baseball, two 40 year old pitchers combined to shut out an opposing team when the Boston Red Sox's Tim Wakefield (41) and Mike Timlin (42) did it against the Detroit Tigers.

The Toronto Blue Jays have not been lighting up the score boards this year, but it ain't for a lack of trying. They have used 29 different batting lineups in 35 games. Brenton Metzler