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Better Olympic look: Canada or U.S.?

It’s time to play fashion critic: Which Olympic gear do you find more fashionable (however you define it) and would be most likely to wear – the U.S. collection, designed by Ralph Lauren or the Canadian, designed by team Team Hbc (photos after the jump)?


The U.S.: “A handful of attractive members of the U.S. Olympic team modeled the new Ralph Lauren designed clothing line for the upcoming Olympics on Tuesday. The photo session in New York provided the first public public peek at the new threads.

“In a word: preppy.”

See more U.S. photos here.

The Canadians: “For consumers, the Bay design team has played with bold patterns and graphics in an ebullient mix of Canadian and Chinese icons and colours. Much of it is produced in super-light, silky fabrics, and eco-friendly materials, all trends consistent with looks seen on runways.”

See more Canadian photos here.

I am anything but a fashion-plate (jeans and a T-shirt are about my limit), but I find the U.S. look a bit too stuffy and the Canadians like a 5-year-old walked on white fabric with paint all over his feet. –Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to Matt Hennie, for the U.S. item.
Hat tip to poster Travel Pat for posting the Canadian news on our Discussion Board.