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Baseball is in Bizarro World

The cover of the May 26th Sports Illustrated is just that -- illustrated. The cover story discusses strange happenings in the 2008 baseball season, such as the New York Yankees being in last place in the American League East and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays near the top of the division. SI features a cover drawn by DC Comics artist Mark Bagley. It depicts a musclebound but unnamed Tampa Bay player manhandling Yankee Derek Jeter while Bizarro, one of Superman's strangest villains, looks on with his typically befuddled look.

Bizarro is essentially a stupid opposite copy of Superman. Everything he says and does is the opposite of the rest of us. If Bizarro tells you, in his weird form of speech, "Me am happy," it means "I am sad." You get the picture. Seinfeld did a whole episode on the Bizarro concept. Thus the inspiration for SI. Well, that and corporate synergy -- both SI and DC Comics are owned by Time Warner.

I found this story at -- the item includes a larger image of the cover. -- Joe Guckin