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That's Gotta Sting

bat.jpgThere is a first time for everything. John Odom was traded to the Laredo Broncos or the United League from the Calgary Vipers of the Golden Baseball league. For the stiff price of 10 baseball bats, a first in modern baseball.

"They just wanted some bats, good bats - maple bats," Broncos general manager Jose Melendez said.

According to the Prairie Sticks Web site, their maple bats retail for $69 each, discounted to $65.50 for purchases of six to 11 bats.

"It will be interesting to see what 10 bats gets us," Melendez said.

It wasn't that the Vipers didn't like him as a player, they just couldn't get him a Canadian visa. Odom is taking it all in stride.

"I don't really care," he said Friday. "It'll make a better story if I make it to the big leagues."

Yeah, that would be a great story on Leno...when the guy that is only worth 10 baseball bats makes it to the majors...ok..sure...dream away. Brenton Metzler