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The hottest player in Indian cricket

msdhonid1.jpgFrom the world of cricket, a sport quite popular in countries once part of the British Empire, comes a poll from the Indian site Gay Bombay on the hottest players in the sport. The site is run by longtime Outsports reader Vikram.

The India Premier League is Indian cricketing's attempt to create a league based competition for cricket, using a simplified and shorter version of the game called 20-20, and including international players in the (as of now) Indian-owned leagues. Our poll was to find the hottest cricketers, especially since the sheer volume of players in the IPL has thrown up many hot young guys.

And the winner is …

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Chennai SuperKings). (Photo above.) No question about it, the gay community is just as hot as the rest of India for the boy next door hotness of Dhoni.

Cricket is still a niche sport in the U.S., but I admire sporting passion anywhere. –Jim Buzinski