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Canseco finds an opponent

The matchup is set: Jose Canseco and Vai Sikahema will duke it out on July 12 at Bernie Robbins Stadium, a minor league baseball park in Atlantic City. As I previously posted, Canseco is having financial difficulties and is entering the world of celebrity boxing.

Sikahema, the former Eagles kick return specialist, is now the sports director at WCAU-TV (NBC-10) in Philadelphia. He's been in the ring before, defeating a local radio personality. In his playing days, he made a big hit after returning a kick for a touchdown against the Giants at the Meadowlands:


Still, you couldn't pay me to attend this farce. On the other hand, as this boxing writer suggests at the end of his column, a Canseco-Mark McGwire matchup? Absolutely! -- Joe Guckin