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Journalism continues its decline

Here's a question posed to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in a televised interview by a doofus named Pat Boyle, of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

"I don't think I've ever seen an athlete (note: this "professional" pronounced it "ath-a-lete") who's been scrutinized more and has achieved as much success as you have over the years. Do you feel the same way?"

Of course, no other quarterback has ever been "scrutinized" in NFL history, even though the position is the focus of just about anyone remotely interested in football. Usually, when a team wins the QB gets more credit than deserved, and when a team loses he gets more blame. But Pat Boyle must feel that, with McNabb's level of success, no one should question him in any way! After all, no fans or writers or TV talking heads have ever been critical of, say, Peyton or Eli Manning, or John Elway,or Brett Favre...oh, wait. All four have taken their shots over the years. Oh, and all of them have won Super Bowls, making them slightly more successful than McNabb.

Ever the victim, McNabb agreed with Boyle -- his answer was too long-winded for me to bother trying to write it down -- but I'm not going to bash him now. It's the interviewer who needs to take a step back, at least far enough so that his lips are no longer touching McNabb's backside. -- Joe Guckin