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Gay hip hop exec and a closeted pro jock

gayrappers-thumb.jpegFormer MTV producer Terrance Dean claims in an upcoming book on gays in the hip-hop world that he has had a sexual relationship with a closeted pro athlete he calls “Preston.” On his blog, he describes their first meeting:

He was across the room standing against the wall with a drink in his hand. He was bobbing his head to the Hip-Hop beats and surrounded by slew of bodacious women and physically fit men.

I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was absolutely gorgeous - Tall, caramel, chinky eyes, and a body that wouldn't stop. Damn, he was fine! I felt the temperature in my body rise. Lust was speaking and its low growl was whispering in my ears.

Then he looked over in my direction and smiled. …

I asked my boy Clever if he knew the beautiful specimen of a man. Clever acknowledged that he did. “That’s ‘Preston’ I haven’t seen him in a while. He’s always on the road. He plays for ________.”

Now, I am really excited. This professional athlete just approached me and how he did it was so smooth. No one noticed anything.

On his blog promoting the book, Dean goes into greater detail about his relationship with Preston, including their first sexual encounter.

His muscular body glided into the bedroom. I followed. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed an amazing physique. I followed suit, and, like that, me and Preston went at each other like two lovers in heat. We wanted each other badly. We explored each other’s bodies as we peeled off our clothes and strewn them throughout the room.

My gosh, Preston was ferocious in bed. His soft lips met mine. We kissed tenderly, and then passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We groped each other finding different and wonderful places to touch. His long hard muscle was massive. He felt wonderful in my hands.

That night Preston and I didn’t stop making love until the next day. I didn’t want to let him go. His body was perfect. We fit. Oh boy, oh boy, did we fit.

What to make of this? Who knows? There are gay (all closeted) pro jocks and they have sex (I have a good friend who swears he once made out with a Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback). On the other hand, all we have is Dean’s word on this particular athlete with not nearly enough detail (save his skin color) to hazard an educated guess, even as to his sport. This is reminiscent of former Out magazine editor Brendan Lemon, who said he had an affair with a then-Major League Baseball player, whose identity was never revealed.

At Gawker, where I first saw this item (thanks to a tip from an Outsports reader), there are more than 1,200 comments, most of them guesses as to Preston’s real name. “Curt Schilling” and “Roger Clemens” did make me laugh. –Jim Buzinski