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'Spygate' finally coming to an end

It seems former Patriots videographer Matt Walsh, who's said he has a smoking gun that will indict the Patriots, doesn't have much more than a tired, used water pistol. According to the NYT, he handed over eight tapes to the NFL that show the Patriots videotaping offensive and defensive signals: Charges the League has already punished New England for, the Patriots have already accepted, and which were put to bed six months ago. There are no tapes of the St. Louis Rams' walkthrough before their Super loss to the Patriots in February 2002.

A couple weeks ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he hoped Walsh had something on the Patriots. It wasn't because he wanted the Pats to get into deeper trouble, but because Walsh was reigniting an issue the commish had thought was behind the League. I'll be curious to hear what Goodell has to say about the lack of new information. Unfortunately, he can't take a draft pick away from Matt Walsh. -Cyd Zeigler jr.