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Jets cheerleader in drag?

jackie_cynthia.jpgCould a drag queen possibly have a future as a New York Jet cheerleader? In an interview with WNYC, Denise Garvey, director of the New York Jets flight crew (i.e., their cheer squad) left the door open to some guys in skirts shaking more than their pom-poms:

GARVEY: We don’t have any strict requirements. No weight or height requirements. We have all different girls on the team and all different girls looking to try out.
REPORTER: There’s not the kind of human variety you might find in a supermarket checkout line. The largest body is about a size 6, and there are no male cheerleader wannabes.
GARVEY: We haven’t had any men apply. We are looking for young women.
REPORTER: If there was a mind blowing drag queen?
GARVEY: I guess everyone deserves a fair chance, so that would be my attitude.

I can think of a couple people who might fit the bill (and I mean the one in the left in the pic above, not that Dynasty-lookin' hag Cynthia Dickson on the right). Ms. Jaqueline Dupree plays football and was the halftime entertainment of the Gay Superbowl last October. That's more than most of those girls can say. -Cyd Zeigler jr.

Hat tip to Ted Rybka at GLAAD