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Top jocks accessorize

federer_roger_blog.jpgWhen top jocks compete, they know how to accessorize.

Tennis babe Maria Sharapova debuted at the French Open last week sporting a pair of Elsa Perretti Wave Earnings and a pearl button closure to fasten the back of her Nike dress. The earrings go for $1,150 on the company’s site.

There’s more, according to the Wall Street Journal: Roger Federer’s hand-stitched, cream colored “entrance jacket” at Wimbledon in 2006, Steve Nash’s luxury moisturizers and lotions that go for $10 an ounce, Michael Johnson’s gold-colored spikes and Phil Mickelson’s Cellini Rolex, which sells for $5,000. (The WSJ story includes photos of each.)

Federer (photo) won today in fourth-round action at the French Open. No word on what adornment may have been key to his victory over Julien Benneteau. --Matt Hennie

Matt Hennie writes the Gaytlsports blog in Atlanta.