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Wimbledon 2008: Who's Counting?

As a writer for Outsports, I have regular moments of panic when I submit an article and inevitably there is a mistake. Historically, there hasn't been anything truly major - a type-o here, a misspelling there - yet there is still cause for obsessing.

Well, imagine my angst when I realized yesterday that my preview for Wimbledon lists Roger Federer as owning 11 Grand Slam titles, rather than the 12 majors he truly has under his belt. I broke the cardinal rule of writing and didn't double check that fact. Rookie mistake, Meers. Rookie mistake. First of all, my apologies for the sloppy work!

Yet one wonders if Federer himself might wish everyone was as forgetful as I was. For all his indescribable excellence, a lot is riding on Wimbledon 2008 for Roger Federer. Going into this season, he seemed certain to at least tie Pete Sampras's record mark of 14 majors. Six months into 2008, however, the Fed has endured his worst slump since ascending to the top ranking; the rise of brazen Serbian Novak Djokovic, who conquered Federer on his way to the Australian Open title; and humiliation in the French Open final at the hands of Rafael Nadal, who many believe has a legitimate shot at taking this year's Wimbledon (myself included). Suddenly, equaling Pistol Pete seems to be the Herculean task that it always has been!

Federer's aura of invincibility is fading. He needs to defend the Wimbledon title to strike a little fear back into the collective heart of his opponents. If not, Federer could very well go Slam-less this season. After such concentrated dominance, it will be interesting to see how Federer reacts to this surprise turn of fortune. Like all champions, Federer is sure to bounce back eventually. The question is whether or not it will be in time to salvage his 2008 campaign.

*Desperately re-reads for mistakes ...*

-Wyman Meers