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She can dunk, too?

When it comes to Candace Parker, the former Lady Vol turned forward for the Los Angeles Sparks, there are few limits to her athletic prowess. On Sunday, she became the second WNBA player to dunk in a game.

That’s right, dunk. To prove it wasn’t a fluke – and few doubted it was – she dunked again on Tuesday. That’s two games and two dunks in her first 13 games as a pro. And two national championships. You know, the ones she won in back-to-back years at the University of Tennessee.

Parker converted her first WNBA slam dunk Sunday night against the Indiana Fever. That dunk also occurred in the final minute of a double-digit victory. Six years earlier, teammate Lisa Leslie had converted the league's only other dunk. All three baskets came on the same end of Staples Center.

"A lot of us have just seen history," Sparks Coach Michael Cooper said. "You're going to see more because Candace Parker is very, very good."

Check out the video of Tuesday's dunk here. Parker has another chance tonight when the Sparks play the Washington Mystics. -Matt Hennie

Matt Hennie writes the Gaytlsports blog in Atlanta.