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Billy Bean, partner split

billybean2gq2b.jpgFrom the Miami Herald:

Efrain Veiga, founder of Yuca restaurant and co-creator of Nuevo Latino cuisine, and partner Billy Bean (photo), a former Major League Baseball player, have split after 13 years. ''Sometimes things don't work out,'' Veiga says. ``There's still love.''

Says Bean: ``It's a very difficult period, and we're both trying to get through it. I care deeply about him.''

Their Miami Beach home on North Bay Road is for sale -- for $1.595 million.

Bean gained national attention in 1999 when he revealed in a front page story in the New York Times that he was gay. He remains one of the handful of American pro athletes to reveal they are gay, though none have done it while playing. He has been a friend of Outsports since we started. Bean, 44, is a real estate agent. --Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to Steve Rothaus of the Herald for the item.