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Tiger Woods, wrong again

Tiger Woods said last year at Oakmont, site of the 2007 US Open, that no 10-handicapper could break 100 at the course. I don't know what a 10-handicapper is, and I don't care. All I know is that this statement, like his comment this week that nobody watches hockey anymore, has effectively been proven wrong. Hey, don't blame me. I'm just passing on the facts, courtesy of this article.

Oakmont is considered the toughest golf course in the United States but Torrey Pines, site of this year's US Open, was refurbished and is now the longest course in Open history. So Golf Digest and NBC arranged for three celebrities and a "regular guy" to play Torrey Pines, site of this year's US Open.

The "regular guy" was John Atkinson, a medical salesman from Omaha. He was chosen from 56,374 essay applicants to play in the challenge. He's undergoing treatment for advanced inoperable lung cancer. God bless him, he shot a 114, 43 shots over par.

As for the celebrities, NBC "Today" host Matt Lauer shot a 100, but he was beaten out by singer Justin Timberlake, who shot a 98, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who finished with a 13-over 84.

Say, 98 and 84 are both lower than 100, aren't they? Poor Tiger. -- Joe Guckin