An all-star gay hockey team is taking on all-star straight teams and winning

By Dave Farber

A selection of the best openly gay ice hockey players in North America, G-Force has come together over the last five years to reach out to the hockey world on behalf of the GLBT community. By proving that gay athletes can compete on an elite level, Team G-Force aims to educate opponents and enhance the sport of hockey by creating a safer and more accepting environment at all levels of the sport.

These talented and dedicated individuals give generously of their time, talents, and resources to participate in numerous tournaments and events around the country. Exhibiting only the highest caliber of sportsmanship and demonstrating the hard work and hustle necessary to win, these individuals have formed an organization built around making a difference in the sport of hockey.
Team G-Force is made up of exceptional athletes from over seven cities across the United States and ranging in age from 22 years old to 50+, they come from diverse backgrounds but are united by a passion for hockey and pride in themselves and the GLBT community.
G-Force’s annual flagship event is the Friendship Cup held in Aspen, Colo., during Aspen’s Gay Ski Week. For the past five years, G-Force has been pitted against a group of straight Aspen All-Star Hockey players in a battle for gay vs. straight domination; But more importantly, it has served as a great venue to bring two diverse communities together in a bid to eliminate perceived stereotypes. With G-Force’s 7-3 win in January in the event’s fifth year, the ongoing competition has shifted 3 games to 2 in G-Force’s favor.
In addition to pursuing its mission on the rink, G-Force organized its first educational panel in January of 2008 called “The Invisible Athlete”, facilitating an environment to discuss the present and future of gays in sports. Panel participants included former NBA player John Amaechi, ESPN commentator LZ Granderson, and Outsports’ own Cyd Zeigler as the panel moderator.
The next tournament on G-Force’s list is Nashville’s Country Classic Aug. 1 – 3 in Tennessee. G-Force will join over 30 other teams in competition and is especially excited for the event as ESPN will be doing a piece on the team during the tournament, allowing them to highlight their mission and accomplishments.
In addition to competing in tournaments across the country, Team G-Force has staged events in Denver and Chicago premiering the G-Force documentary and helping to raise awareness and funds for the team’s 501(c)3 organization.
For a list of future events, to check out player bios, and to learn more about Team G-Force, head over to the team's website.
Dave Farber is a member of Team G-Force and is an intern at GLAAD this summer.

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