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Viva Italia!

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Italians are proud of their athletes, on and off the arena. Vanity Fair Italy has chosen 14 sexiest males of a total of 345 Italian athletes competing in Beijing. Now they are asking their readers for help in choosing the most sexy one of those jocks.

No wonder, the most votes so far have gone to long jumper Andrew Howe, born in Los AngelesMay 12 1985. Andrew, seen above with Roberto la Barbera who will participate in pentathlon of the Beijing Paralympic Games in September, is according to the Italian Olympic Committee still single.

Andrew has no doubt some clear advantages (see more photos here), but the game isn't over yet.

Would you prefer wrestler Andrea Minguzzi?

Or judoka Giuseppe Maddaloni?

Have your say! No knowledge of Italian required, you have all the skills needed to participate!