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U.S. softball team pulverizes Taipei

While most everybody was watching Phelps collect another gold medal, some of us were watching the U.S. softball team collect Chinese Taipei 7-0. Two out women are playing on the U.S. team, contributing to their huge winning streak. In fact, Vicki Galindo (who is bi) is becoming a valued player. Listed as 2nd and 3rd baseman, she's also emerging as a hitter. Though slender as a reed, she packs a wallop - which is why they sent her in to back up Crystl Bustos, who was already on 1st base. Vicki made her first Olympic hit and got Bustos home. Meanwhile lesbian Lauren Lappin is being the competent infield catcher.

Lesbians are lighting up the soccer field as well. Natasha Kai scored the point against Canada that sends the U.S. on to semi-finals with Japan. And midfielder Linda Bresonik is on the German team heading for semi-finals with the girls from Brazil.

The Phelps thing is exciting, for sure, but women are really lighting up the Games too. Adlington's brilliant win and new record in the 800-meter freestyle...the lingering afterglow of Liukin's and Johnson's gold-silver...the masterful win of Isabell Werth in dressage, to name a few. And it's important to recognize Jiang Yuyuan and the other so-very-young Chinese gymnasts - they may be underage, but any fraud is their government's doing, not theirs. They're incredibly talented - think how formidable that phalanx of little girls is going to be in London in 2012.