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Cyd's Sexy Spreads: Divisional Round

Note: Every week, I pick games against the spread on the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN Radio, and I’m putting them on our blog.

It certainly looks like I'm hedging my bets, I know. But when it comes to the playoffs, I have a mathematical system that has been very successful in recent years. Last week it picked all four winners and picked three of the spread winners (missed on the Eagles). The one thing the system doesn't account for is a team that is seriously surging or slumping (though it still picked the Cardinals last week). So take it all with a proverbial grain of salt. (My picks in bold)

Baltimore Ravens +3 at Tennessee Titans
Here's a stat I haven't heard anyone talk much about in the last week: Ed Reed has 10 interceptions in his last seven games! When a DB is that hot, watch out. Plus, with Titans center Kevin Mawae out, the pressure up front from the Ravens could bring Vince Young into the game in the second half. Tennessee 20, Baltimore 18

Arizona Cardinals +10 at Carolina Panthers
When these two teams met earlier in the season, Arizona was winning by 14 in the second half before Steve Smith took over the game. Anquan Boldin is banged up for the Cards, but Steve Breaston caught nine passes for 91 yards the last time they tangoed. Carolina 27, Arizona 24

Philadelphia Eagles +4 at New York Giants
This is a game of playmakers. The Eagles have theirs: Brian Westbrook, who has gone for 100 yards or more every time he's played the Giants in the last five years except for once. The Giants don't have theirs: Plaxico Burress, who has caught for 100 yards or a TD in all but one game against the Eagles in the last three years. New York 23, Philadelphia 21

San Diego Chargers +6 at Pittsburgh Steelers
There is no reason to believe the Chargers will keep it close in this game. No 8-8 team has ever gone to a Conference Championship since the playoffs went to 12 teams; The Steelers' D is ranked No. 1 and the Chargers are ranked No. 25; LaDainian Tomlinson is likely out; Darren Sproles shot his wad last week; It should be 25 degrees. Yet, I like the Chargers to cover for one big reason: They are gutty. Last year they showed it in the playoffs. This year they have shown it in December and the playoffs. They will get down in the trenches with the Steelers and fight. The Steelers have made pulling victory from the jaws of defeat their trademark this season; And I see them doing it again. Pittsburgh 16, San Diego 15

Playoffs: 3-1. Season Record: 44-43-2