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Weekend Hot Jocks: Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley

The annual Red River Shootout is this Saturday in Dallas between Oklahoma and Texas. All eyes will be on UT quarterback Colt McCoy (#12) and his receiver/BFF Jordan Shipley (#8). You'll hear how the two of them are roommates, how their dads were college roomies at Abilene Christian, how they share the same Christian values. It's a bromance made in heaven.

And, by the way, they both are hot, and love leaping into each other's arms after a touchdown. And McCoy had this to say to Sports Illustrated on why Shipley is a great roommate:

CM: [Laughs] Jordan makes a great roommate because I'm the quarterback, so obviously I'm the leader, so he has to do what I say on the field and when we get home.

No comment. Photos:

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