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Chiefs suspend Larry Johnson for two weeks

Larry Johnson's photo on his Twitter account.

Larry Johnson

The Kansas City Chiefs suspended running back Larry Johnson until Nov. 9, which covers one game (the Chiefs are off this week) and two game checks after he made disparaging remarks about his coach and used three anti-gay slurs towards fans and reporters. (Background here and here).

A statement from the Chiefs via Pro Football Talk:

"The Kansas City Chiefs have suspended RB Larry Johnson for Conduct Detrimental to the Club effective immediately," the team said in a statement. "Johnson will not be permitted to participate in any team activities or be on team premises until Monday, November 9th. The Chiefs will have no further comment on Johnson's status at this time."

Pro Football Talk says the suspensions will cost Johnson $568,650, which has to hurt someone who brags on Twitter about how much money he makes. It is not clear how much the suspension is tied to Johnson ripping Coach Todd Haley on Twitter and how much him using "fag," "faggot" and "Christopher Street boy" in the aftermath. But, clearly, had Johnson not gone after his coach, no one would have called him to task after, so everything here is interwined.

Johnson, through his agent, says he will appeal the decision.

I applaud the Chiefs for their actions. What Johnson did was clearly detrimental to the organization. I now wonder whether the NFL will take further action.