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Behind-the-back pass

What's the worst slap in the face you've seen in a high school football game? Mine is now the behind-the-back 2-point conversion pass that took place in Baton Rouge a couple weeks ago. What was the coach thinking? Up 13-0 (en route to 58-0), why is the coach letting these kids go for 2...and throwing a behind-the-back pass to complete the conversion?! That's just bad sportsmanship. What most of the articles about the pass fail to mention is that a fight ensued soon after. You wanna pull that stunt in the pros, when your opponent is getting paid? Fine. Or try it in college even? OK. But pulling a play that's clearly meant to embarrass the other team in yet another high school blowout? If I was on the field and a far superior team pulled that stunt against my team, I just might start a fight too.

It's also not particularly inventive. If you wanna throw that pass against a team that is clearly inferior to you, do it on the first drive and do it on the field where it really counts. Don't wait until the game's already out of reach and do it on a 2-point conversion.

See the video after the jump.