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No gay couples at North Texas homecoming

It's "homecoming season," and high school and college students across the country are set on the annual choosing of the homecoming court. Some student bodies will have some fun with it and pick a gay guy as homecoming queen or a lesbian as homecoming king. But not at the University of North Texas. There, the student government voted to not allow same-sex couples in the homecoming court.

Five of the senators at the meeting voted Thursday to amend the Student Government Association's bylaws, 10 voted against and eight abstained. Jason Howeth, a junior who represents the College of Music, said he voted against the proposal because of opposition from parents who threatened to remove their children from the school and alumni who said they would withdraw their financial support.

Parents removing their children and alumni withdrawing financial support because of a stupid homecoming court? It's so assinine, a big part of me doesn't believe it.

Hat tip to Towleroad.