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Favre wins Round 1 grudge match vs. Packers

Brett Favre got all the pregame hype prior to his first game against his old team, the Green Bay Packers, on Monday night. And while Favre played quite well, the real story was along the offensive line. Favre was barely touched and on one play had 7 1/2 seconds to throw. His counterpart, Aaron Rodgers, was not so lucky, getting sacked eight times, fumbling once, throwing an interception and being tackled for a safety. The result was a 30-23 win by the Minnesota Vikings (4-0), while the Packers fell to 2-2.

I am still not sold on the Vikings' chances long term. Favre started out 8-3 for the Jets last season before falling apart. He is turning 40 and no quarterback that old has ever won a playoff game. But the 4-0 start (and with pathetic St. Louis coming up next) gives the Vikings a nice cushion over the Packers, Cyd and mine preseason NFC Super Bowl pick. If the Packers can't protect Rodgers any better, it's going to be a long season in Wisconsin, especially if the Vikings keep on rolling. Watching Favre in purple is nauseating.