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Second gay sports bar headed for Chelsea

Some people treat sports like a religion. Soon, New York sports fans may get to watch football next to a house of worship. Next to the church at 20th St. & Sixth Ave., where the debauchery of Limelight once ruled the roost, a location will soon house Chelsea's second gay sports bar, Boxers NYC.

This isn't a big surprise. With the success of Gym Sportsbar on Eighth Ave., a second bar was sure to pop up. And with the dozens of gay-sports leagues representing thousands of members, and many more sports fans beyond that in Manhattan, we know both can succeed. Boxers will look and feel different from Gym; The former will have food, and the floor plan (check it out after the jump) features a "brick oven pizza station." Stay tuned!

Note: Post edited Dec. 15 for location accuracy; I misread the location the first time.