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Panel discussion in Philadelphia

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, there will be a panel discussion on Feb. 16 about homophobia in athletics. The event is sponsored by Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia at the University of Pennsylvania, and the panelists will included coaches and even a former athletic director. More info after the jump.
When: February 18th, 2009 at 6:30 P.M.
Where: Dunning Coaches' Center, 231 South 33rd Street. Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Description from the event coordinators: Despite the increasing visibility of the LGBTQ community in our society, why is it still so difficult for many athletes to come out of the closet? These speakers will discuss their opinions on homophobia in athletics and seek to answer questions about being LGBT or Allies in the athletic community. "Right now, most people think that being gay and being an athlete are mutually exclusive identities," states Co-Chair and track runner Anna Aagenes. Fellow Co-Chair and softball player Kelsey Wolfe explains that, "The lack of visibility is why this panel is so necessary: no one is talking about this issue so it continues to be a problem." The speakers will be introduced, then questions will be asked to the entire panel, followed by a question-and answer session at the end.

The panel tentatively includes:

Jen Moore, Assistant Coach of Women's Softball, Swarthmore College
Paul Richards, Head Coach of Men's Swimming, Dickinson
Denis Elton Cochran-Fikes, DRIA Compliance Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Muska, former Athletic Director, Oberlin College
Sean Smith, former Men's Varsity and Assistant Swimming Coach, Rutgers University
Moderator: Susan Miller, History Undergraduate Advisor/Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

Contact: Anna Aagenes or Kelsey Wolfe.