Note from the editors: We started this contest as a way to help get the word out about gay sports groups around the world. From the feedback we've gotten, that has happened, which is great. But we are frankly disheartened to see some of the negativity and lack of sportsmanship in the comments and some of the voting. This is supposed to be a great way to rally your members and support from your communities and build camaraderie with other groups. Please keep it positive, please don't demean one another, and please don't circumvent the one-person/one-vote spirit of the competition.

We're now down to the Sweet 16! Voting for Round 3 of our Local Groups Challenge ends Monday, March 23 at 11:59pm ET. It's simple: In each matchup, the group that receives the most votes moves on to the next round.

Everyone is eligible to vote once. The spirit of the competition is that each voter can vote in each contest one time; We chose a software that limits votes-per-person for that reason. We hope everyone will hold to that spirit of the competition.

Click on the links below to vote:


Phoenix Sunfish Aquatics Club vs. San Francisco Gay Basketball Association


Lambda Basketball of Los Angeles vs. F.L.A.G. Flag Football of Boston

Madison Gay Hockey Association vs. Minneapolis Mayhem RFC


San Francisco Track and Field Club vs. Philadelphia Fins Aquatics

Long Beach Paradise Falcons vs. West Hollywood Aquatics


Northern California Rainbow Divers vs. Downtown Soccer Toronto

Federal Triangles Soccer Club vs. GForce Hockey