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Downtown Soccer Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Founded: 2003

Our league is a soccer-based community of gay men, lesbians, trans people, bisexuals, and queers of all stripes (and friends). Men and women are not separate: we play, cheer, and socialize together. Our random draft ensures fresh teams every year made up of men and women, with skills ranging from professional-level players to absolute novices. Some members have formed competitive teams and travelled the world together. Back home, we host the Toronto International Pride Cup (www.tipc.org), going into its third year in 2009. Every year we offer our membership five unique, themed team-driven fundraisers (last year’s Cirque du So-Gay raised double our target). Our executive is formed by an annual open voting process and all members are encouraged to run.
Northern California Rainbow Divers
San Francisco, California
Scuba Diving
Founded: 1991

Why we are the best: In 2008, the Rainbow Divers offered the GLBTQQY community of the greater bay area and Northern California the opportunity to adventure into an underwater world stranger than Mars and critical to the health of our planet. With trips in 2008 to Maui, the shark-filled waters of Cocos Island, the wilds of Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific wonderland of Palau, as well as regular local diving and events, NCRD leads the gay scuba clubs of the world in offering dive trips exploring every marine environment on earth. We emphasize a safe, supportive learning environment for having fun and meeting other adventurous, environmentally caring gay and lesbians of California (and the world).
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