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Minneapolis Mayhem Rugby Football Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founded: 2005

Mayhem RFC is one of the nation’s few male teams that makes rugby accessible to the GLBT community. In our short existence, we’ve grown from a group of guys who knew nothing about rugby to a club that is competitive with teams we’ve faced from across the country and around the world. We’ve been selected as hosts for the Bingham Cup 2010, the Gay Rugby World Championships and have been named Minneapolis’ 2008 GLBT Sports Team of Year. But it doesn’t end with rugby. We’re active in the gay, athletic and local communities. We’re brothers – on and off the field. The best part about playing rugby is that we get to play together. And nothing can compare to the feeling of brotherhood.
Madison Gay Hockey Association
Madison, Wisconsin
Ice Hockey
Founded: 2006

“Largest Gay Hockey Association in the US; 2nd largest in the world.” It’s a nice title but the accomplishments that matter most aren’t about size, but about building vital and inclusive communities. We value making the sport accessible and fun, supporting our sibling sports and LGBTQA organizations, and giving back through fundraising, service and community-building events. One player described it as: “A place where anyone, regardless of athletic prowess, sexual preference, or gender identity, can learn to play a sport that is not only fun but also empowering… The jocks, the nerds, the gay guys, the lesbians, the straight guys, and the straight girls come together and love one another. That is a rare and awesome thing.”