We have arrived at the final round of popular voting for the Outsports Local Groups Challenge. Voting will open the morning of Thursday, March 26, and run through Wednesday, April 1, 11:59pm.

You may notice one discrepency in the Tuaolo Region: To find the winner of that region, it will be a three-team matchup. There was a voting anomaly in the GForce-Federal Triangles matchup in the last round. Because we don't want to punish either of them, we have put them both through and they will face off against Downtown Soccer Toronto.

While we thank everyone who has honored the one-person/one-vote rule, that request has been ignored by some. This round, we will take action if we notice that happens: Specifically, we will take away suspicious votes from teams if someone is clearly voting multiple times (meaning a large amount of votes from one IP address or person). We don't expect that to happen, but we cannot allow a handful of individuals to decide to circumvent the spirit of the competition.

We will be announcing the great panel of final judges in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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Downtown Soccer Toronto vs. Federal Triangles Soccer Club vs. GForce Hockey

Madison Gay Hockey Association vs. Lambda Basketball of Los Angeles

San Francisco Gay Basketball Association vs. Cheer New York

Long Beach Paradise Falcons Softball vs. Philadelphia Fins Aquatics Club