Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club
Location: Seattle, Washington
Sport: Rugby
Founded: 2002

The Seattle Quake is a determined group of men from all backgrounds and lifestyles that show each other the kind of support on and off the field that most teams would beg for. Keeping a rugby team going is hard work, be it through fundraising and recruiting or two hour long vomit inducing practices. Quake ruggers are men willing to put hard work into making their team the beast it can be.
GForce Hockey Club
Location: Colorado
Sport: Ice Hockey
Founded: 2006

GForce is a collection of elite gay hockey players from across the country. We compete at an exceptional level against primarily straight opponents while working to deconstruct negative stereotypes both on and off the ice. Our team travels to tournaments around the country including our annual flagship event, a gay vs. straight competition at Aspen Gay Ski Week called the “Friendship Cup”. GForce has also produced a documentary on our mission and organized educational panels with celebrity athletes discussing gays in sports. GForce believes that ignorance and intolerance must be eliminated from sports that involve so many children and adults. We envision a culture in which players of all ages in all sports are respected for their talent and their attitude.