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Lambda Basketball
Los Angeles, California
Founded: 1990

From a member: Lambda Basketball is simple and complex. On one hand I play basketball, the sport I love, with a diverse and friendly group of people. On the other hand I am using basketball as a medium to support the mission statement of Lambda Basketball. In 2004, I walked on the court a stranger and today I am family. Our personalities, backgrounds, orientations, cultures and skill levels make Lambda Basketball beautiful. Lambda Basketball equals family. In 2008, I witnessed the growth of Lambda Basketball from a league to a community-action group. On and off the court, basketball is our medium to promote STD awareness, break stereotypes and eliminate homophobia. I play Lambda Basketball and I am creating change.
New York Gay Football League
City, State, Country: New York, NY, USA
Sport: Flag Football
Year the group was founded: 2005

Because of the inclusiveness of the New York Gay Football League (NYGFL), many of its members have said they have encountered life-changing experiences as well as finding new friendships, relationships and competitive rivalries. Unified as one league, members of different skill levels have the opportunity to play together, accelerating the developmental process of novices. The NYGFL also promotes inclusion among different demographics, such as gay, straight, transgender and lesbian New Yorkers. Many members have volunteered for different league positions such as the board of officers, referees, captains and community outreach coordinators. Demand for the NYGFL is very high as registration for new members closed within less than a half hour in each of the last two seasons.
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