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San Francisco Track & Field Club
San Francisco, California
Track & Field
Founded: 1982

One of the oldest and most honored gay track and field teams in the Western Hemisphere. The San Francisco Track & Field Club formed immediately following the first Gay Games, initially under the leadership of Gay Games founder Dr. Tom Waddell. Today it continues its tradition of inclusion and excellence by organizing the annual Pride Track & Field Meet, which it hopes will act a template for other gay track teams worldwide to promote track & field competition and participation. The team is open to all ages, genders, ethnicity and levels of ability. Everyone is encouraged to strived for their personal best goals at their own pace. Our goal is to make participation challenging, motivating and ultimately rewarding.
Southern New England Friendship Softball League
Southern New England
Founded: 1978

Friendship is our most important quality,thus it is our league name. Each Sunday the four teams all play in the same city. After the games the host sponsor has a buffet and socialization. We are the smallest member of NAGAAA and the only NAGAAA league that is not in a metropolitan area. We have all acquired lifelong friendships through softball that would never have occurred without softball because we all live a great distance from each other. We are competitive on the field and are a sanctioned ASA league with professional umpires. However, we are unique in that unlike most leagues where players go their own way after games, the game day experience is just beginning for us.
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