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Morning hits: Draft, Derby, refs, Cosby

  • It's irrelevant to tell people how NFL teams drafted before any of their players have played a single down, but it can be entertaining so here are a couple links. Pro Football Weekly pick-by-pick analysis. Analysis from Peter King, who grades Pats, 'Boys and Raiders badly. Mel Kiper says Jets had second-best draft with only three picks.
  • Strangest part of the draft had to be ESPN's interview (video below) with Bill Cosby and Texas receiver Quan Cosby, who went undrafted but was signed by the Benglas.
  • Favorite to win Kentucky Derby pulls out.
  • Why were two Chicago natives reffing the Bulls-Celtics Game 4? Doesn't matter: Bulls win in double OT. Cavs sweep into Round 2.
  • MIT cuts eight sports including hockey and something called "pistol."