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Being openly gay in Dartmouth athletics

In an article on gay pride week at Dartmouth College, the Ivy League school in New Hampshire, the school paper The Dartmouth interviewed two gay athletes and what they said is not a surprise to anyone who has followed the subject: they wish there were more out jocks.

"[Being gay at Dartmouth] has been a very positive experience, but one thing that definitely disappoints me is the very small population of out gay athletes," Tyler Ford ‘11, a member of the men's track and field team, said. "That leaves us without a support system."

A former water polo player at the school who is about to graduate echoed this sentiment.

"Sports is one of the hardest places to come out in, to feel comfortable. Especially for guys, it's such a macho area," Taylor Holt said.

"Dartmouth has had a history of out gay athletes, and gay athletes at Dartmouth have the responsibility that they need to represent something more to closeted gay athletes throughout athletics, to the gay community in general," Holt said.

In the past, Outsports has featured two out jocks from Dartmouth: Andrew Goldstein in lacrosse and Jamal Brown in track and field. Both athletes reported a positive response from coming out. Still, though, there is tremendous resistance among the majority of athletes to take that step.