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January 3, 2012
Scott Norton’s kiss heard ’round the world. The Russian pro soccer gay rumors.
The Internet was abuzz this week about ESPN broadcasting a kiss between gay professional bowler Scott Norton and his partner. Plus, rumors about two Russian pro soccer players got bubbly.
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December 27, 2012
2012 Year in Review
It was a roller-coaster year for us in sports. While we had some amazing gay athletes come out and straight allies stand up, there was also a slew of anti-gay firings and slurs.
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December 13, 2012
Basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig and radio station’s anti trans broadcast
Transgender college basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig played her first post-transition basketball game and received hateful attacks from two radio hosts in Washington DC.
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December 6, 2012
War Room Sports joins us: Race, religion and homophobia
Jimmy Williams and Devin McMillan from War Room Sports join us to talk about the intersections of race and sexual orientation. And their insights on the role of religion in homophobia is powerful.
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November 29, 2012
Tank Carder’s anti gay tweets.
The Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley joins us to talk about Cleveland Browns linebacker Tank Carder’s anti gay tweets and the power of casual homophobia. (Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE)
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November 15, 2012
James Nutter talks about locker room homophobia, reaction to his story.
Former college baseball player James Nutter, who nearly killed himself after years of casual homophobia, joins us to talk about his story and the reaction he’s gotten since coming out publicly. (Photo: Toni B)
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November 8, 2012
Gay marriage wins. Bullying on Iowa high school football team.
Brendon Ayanbadejo and other athletes celebrated the victories for same sex marriage at the ballot box. A high school football player was bullied so badly he needed brain surgery. (Photo: NOH8 campaign)
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November 1, 2012
Athletes take stands on same sex marriage ahead of election
Various athletes like Chris Kluwe have weighed in on gay marriage ahead of the election, but there seem to be fewer athletes taking a position on the Presidential election. (Photo: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE)
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October 25, 2012
Former Minor Leaguer comes out. Chargers and Lakers talk about gay issues.
Former Minor League pitcher Johnn Dillinger came out publicly on Outsports this week. Plus, some Chargers and NBA players talked about having a gay teammate.
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October 18, 2012
Coming out in pro sports. Gay stereotypes. Kris Jenkins.
Jeff Morton from the Denver Stiffs joins Cyd to talk about coming out, gay stereotypes and Kris Jenkins rant about gay NFL playersamae.
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October 11, 2012
Orlando Cruz comes out, Brandon Spikes makes gay joke
On National Coming Out Day, we discuss professional boxer Orlando Cruz who came out last week. Also, New England Patriot Brandon Spikes makes a gay joke on Twitter.
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September 27, 2012
Kevin McClatchy and sports being ready for a gay athlete
Former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy came out, prompting more discussion about homophobia in the locker room. Plus, the Gay Games 30th anniversary…and the NFL refs are back.
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September 13, 2012
The Jamie Kuntz saga
When the North Dakota State College of Science kicked Jamie Kuntz off their football team for kissing his boyfriend, it ignited a firestorm of controversy for the small school. Now Jamie’s left without a clear football future.
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September 6, 2012
How we see the NFL season playing out. Homophobia in Alabama.
We take a look at some of the teams we feel could surprise the League, including Washington and St. Louis. Plus, we take our stabs at potential Super Bowl matchups. And homophobia shows up in high school football in Alabama.
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August 30, 2012
Welsh rugger comes out. More straight athletes make supportive videos.
18-year-old Welsh rugby player Thomas Boswell grabbed a lot of attention with his warm coming-out video. And straight allies keep creating supportive sports videos.
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July 26, 2012
Out athletes at the Olympics, and Caster Semenya
Our list of openly gay athletes at the Olympics is the most comprehensive anywhere. Photo of Carl Hester: Ford McClave-USA TODAY Sports
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July 12, 2012
The Olympics are coming. The Olympics are coming.
British diver Tom Daley overcame bullying and is now a favorite in his event. Plus, we give a preview of our Olympics coverage. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
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June 28, 2012
Vikings punter for gay rights. Skiing superstar comes out.
Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is the latest NFL player to vocalize his support for gay rights, and in particular same-sex marriage. Former Olympic skier Anja Paerson came out publicly. And this year’s out Olympians. Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE
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June 21, 2012
LGBT Sports Summit at Nike, and straight allies
The Nike LGBT Sports Summit had some powerful takeaways. We talk about what went down in Portland. Plus, the power of some new straight allies in sports.
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May 31, 2012
It’s no longer hard to come out as a pro athlete. Our search for a new word for LGBTQQIA.
While people in the media, athletes and casual fans still think it would be hard for a gay pro athlete to come out, the evidence simply isn’t there. Plus, we want to find a word to describe the LGBTQQIA community.
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podcast_rg3_150 May 24, 2012
NFL players would welcome a gay teammate
Hear Jevon Kearse, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson talk about having a gay teammate.
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josh_dixon_hawaii_150 May 17, 2012
Olympic hopeful comes out, Manny Pacquiao against gay marriage
Olympic hopeful Josh Dixon came out on Outsports and talked about being gay in gymnastics. Boxer Manny Pacquiao said he’s against same sex marriage and was labeled a homophobe.
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podcast_kris_humphries_150 May 3, 2012
Athletes more comfortable stripping down
Kris Humphries took some revealing photos for WestEast magazine. He joins Lance Parker and other American pro athletes getting comfortable stripping down to underwear and not much more.
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podcast_brian_sims_150 April 26, 2012
The good guys in sports
This week we talk about some of the good guys in sports. Brian Sims won a big election. Oakland pitcher Brandon McCarthy stood up against homophobia. And an Indian boxer is as gay friendly as an Italian soccer manager.
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April 19, 2012
Matthew Mitcham is OK with being gay icon
While we hear that some athletes don’t want to be labeled a gay athlete, Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham says he’s just fine with it.
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podcast_jay_hayes_150 April 12, 2012
NYU’s Jay Hayes talks about his It Gets Better video
NYU volleyball captain Jay Hayes talks with us about putting together his athletic department’s It Gets Better video, what he learned from the process, and the reaction he has gotten.
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podcast_carl_pavano_150 March 29, 2012
Major League Soccer player gets non-punishment for ‘faggot’ comment. Did a Minnesota Twin had gay lover.
Houston Dynamo player Colin Clark called a ball boy a ‘faggot’ during a game. While he got a three-game suspension, he is being paid for all three games. Another non punishment. Plus, a former classmate of Minnesota Twin Carl Pavano says they had a relationship.
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podcast_ronbrown_150 March 22, 2012
Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown preaches homophobia. Tim Tebow, Saints.
Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown has been using his position with the university to preach homophobia and his Christian religion to players. It is time for him to go. Plus, Tim Tebow goes to the Jets and the Saints lose some coaches.
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podcast_philip_rivers_150 March 15, 2012
The No Surprise podcast. Philip Rivers against gay marriage. Russians ban Pride House
There were lots of predictable events recently for gay sports fans. Philip Rivers opposes marriage equality. Russia banned Pride House at the Olympics. Orlando wants the Gay Games. And Jeremy Shockey is not welcome in New York.
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podcast_osu_lavender_150 March 8, 2012
Ohio State’s lavender shirt. Nebraska football coach hates gays.
Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer ended the use of a purple or lavender shirt to motivate players. But was the shirt offensive in the first place. And Nebraska football coach Ron Brown wants to discriminate against gays.
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burke_men_podcast March 1, 2012
‘You Can Play’ project launches in honor of Brendan Burke
Patrick Burke has launched his ‘You Can Play’ project with the help of his father, Brian, in honor of his brother, Brendan.
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podcast_jeremy_150 February 23, 2012
Jeremy Lin success leads to more sex for gay Asian blogger. Jeremy the high schooler says It Gets Better
One gay Asian blogger says his sex life has heated up with Jeremy Lin’s success, leaving us wondering why it would take an NBA player for someone to be attracted to someone else. And high school footballer Jeremy records It Gets Better video.
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podcast_shirtless_dancing_1 February 9, 2012
Sports personalities freak out over shirtless men dancing
David Beckham’s Super Bowl underwear ad was the latest example of America’s fear of the bulge. But we’ve seen it many times before with speedos on swimmersbe.
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podcast_beckham_underwear_1 February 2, 2012
America’s fear of the bulge
David Beckham’s Super Bowl underwear ad was the latest example of America’s fear of the bulge. But we’ve seen it many times before with speedos on swimmersbe.
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podcast_nfl_gay_question January 26, 2012
This could be the gayest Super Bowl ever. And how meaningful are Super Bowl predictions.
With gay friendly teams, Madonna at halftime and David Beckham sort of in his underwear, this could be the gayest Super Bowl ever. Plus we analyze the game and the meaning of predictions.
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podcast_closeted_bloggers January 19, 2012
Suicides and closeted athletes. Why more coaches are not out.
How much are closeted athletes to blame for not helping with the bullying problem that leads to suicides. And why so few college coaches are out.
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jesus_tebow January 12, 2012
Is Tim Tebow gay?
Our most-read story in the last couple months is a column wondering if Tim Tebow is gay. We talk about that and the phenomenon that has become Tebowmania.
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podcast_weir_stars January 5, 2012
Jonathan Vilma’s anti-something Tweet. Johnny Weir gets married.
The stories of two Johns. One is a New Orleans Saint who proved himself to be an ass over Twitter. And Johnny Weir, who married his boyfriend on New Year’s Eve.
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podcast_2011_150 December 22, 2011
2011 Year in Review
There were three main themes for gay sports stories this year: People in sports coming out, athletes conveying homophobia, and straight sports folks showing their support for gay people.
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podcast_hysen_150 December 15, 2011
Anton Hysen, Gareth Thomas, Hulk Hogan.
Anton Hysen will not be the first out MLS player. Gareth Thomas finds a business partner and gets a job. And Hulk Hogan is gay friendly despite distancing himself from gay rumors.
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turkey November 24, 2011
Giving thanks.
We’re thankful for many things this year. The young athletes who have come out and are working to make life better for others. The straight allies who have come forward. And that the Patriots beat the Jets twice this year.
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podcast_testo_150 November 10, 2011
UNC’s Dave Lohse joins us to talk about David Testo.
UNC associate athletic communication director Dave Lohse joins us to tlak about David Testo. Lohse was the public address announcer for Testo’s Tar Heels team and remembers Testo scoring the greatest goal he’s ever seen.
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November 3, 2011
The wave of out high school athletes
We recently got accused of being “high school outsports” because of how much we have reported on openly gay high school athletes. With still so few out pro athletes, it is these kids who are bloggin and telling their stories.
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podcast_shaq_psa_150 October 20, 2011
Shaq records PSA. Nike hosts Coming Out Day event.
A couple big names in sports showed their support for gay people last week as NBA great Shaquille O’Neal recorded an anti bullying PSA and Nike held an event honoring National Coming Out Day..
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podcast_nevin_heard_150 October 13, 2011
Rugger comes out to team on MTV. Gay Bowl XI rained out. Athletes refusing to marry.
The final day of Gay Bowl XI was a rainout. An Ohio State rugger comes out to his team on MTV, was that a good idea. And an Aussie rugger refuses to marry until gay people can.
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podcast_wayne_simmonds_150 September 29, 2011
NHL player uses gay slur (allegedly). NFL protects gay players.
Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds was caught on tape saying what looked a heck of a lot like a gay slur, but the NHL has chosen to take no action. The NFL now protects gay players in its collective bargaining agreement.
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podcast_blogger_150 September 22, 2011
High school athlete blogs.
High school swimmer ‘Sam I Am’ is the latest athlete to start a new blog, and young people are finding their way to it. Plus we talk about the latest entries in our 100 Most Important LGBT Sports Moments list.
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podcast_welts_150 September 15, 2011
Rick Welts leaves Phoenix Suns, talks about new love
The day before he left his position with the Phoenix Suns, Rick Welts chatted with Outsports about his next job, his new love and his role as a gay-sports advocate.
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podcast_bingham_150 September 8, 2011
We remember Mark Bingham and Sept. 11, 2001. Plus the NFL season kicks off.
We knew Mark Bingham for about two years before he died on Sept. 11, 2001. We recall our fondest memories of him and remember that terrible day. Plus, whom we’ll be watching this NFL season!
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podcast_graeme_150 September 1, 2011
Aikman talks about gay rumors. Gay and straight athletes tell others to stay in the closet
Troy Aikman was asked about the rumor that he’s gay and he had some choice words for Skip Bayless. Two European athletes, one gay one straight, tell athletes to stay in the closet.
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podcast_hockey_150 August 25, 2011
High school athlete fears coming out of the closet.
We discuss an article from Canada profiling a high school hockey player who’s afraid to come out to his team. In today’s sports culture, how real is the threat of violence against gay athletes?
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podcast_vincent_pryor_150 August 18, 2011
Vincent Pryor was out TCU football player in 1994.
Seventeen years after the set the school single-game sack record as an out gay man, TCU’s Vincent Pryor finally told his story publicly to Outsports. Jim Buzinski, who wrote the story, shares the behind-the-scenes story and what we all can take from Pryor’s story.
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July 28, 2011
Outsports launches partnership with It Gets Better. Orioles add their voices.
Outsports has launched a partnership with the It Gets Better Project to showcase gay athletes, coaches and sports administrators. Plus the Baltimore Orioles give insight into the phenomenon of MLB participation in the project.
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podcast_softball_150 July 21, 2011
Greatest gay sports moments. Gay Softball World Series’ new guidelines.
We have listed a couple dozen of our most important moments in gay sports history, and some readers already disagree. Plus, the Gay Softball World Series is coming to Chicago.
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podcast_swoopes_irvin_150 July 14, 2011
Michael Irvin supports gay equality. Sheryl Swoopes engaged to marry a man.
Michael Irvin appeared on the cover of ‘Out’ magazine this week to talk about his gay brother and stump for marriage equality. Cyd and Jim talk about how the story came about. And not many people are talking about it, but Sheryl Swoopes, who came out of the closet in 2005, is now engaged to a man.
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podcast_liberty_150 July 7, 2011
Sports and the politics of marriage
We’re back! And for the first time on the podcast we dive heavy into politics. With the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, with the help of various voices in sports, we wonder why so many people, particularly politicians, are still dragging their feet on the issue..
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podcast_moments_150 June 16, 2011
Important moments in gay-sports history
Through June we’re combing the annals of history to find the most important moments for gay sports. Some are obvious, including the coming out of athletes like Dave Kopay and Martina Navratilova. We’re also finding other moments that we had forgotten about.
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podcast_stoneham_150 June 9, 2011
Out D.1 soccer player Brandon Stoneham joins us
Since we first profiled Adelphi’s Brandon Stoneham in April he has been met with overwhelming support from teammates, competitors, friends and strangers. He says not only has he not had a single negative experience, he doesn’t know of any out athlete who has.
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podcast_whitlock_150 June 2, 2011
Jason Whitlock joins us to talk about racial and gay slurs
We are so thrilled to have Jason Whitlock, one of our favorite sports columnists, join us this week to discuss his column about why he’s jealous of gay people. We talked about why black athletes are more homophobic, how gay people are using sports to promote equality, and Whitlock lets on that the interview went far better than expected.
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podcast_may_150 May 26, 2011
May 2011 shines light on gays in sports
We look back at the month of May, which saw the coming out of various people in sports, the rejection of homophobia, and various athletes standing up for gay equality.
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podcast_will_sheridan_150 May 19, 2011
Gay former Villanova star Will Sheridan joins us
Openly gay former Villanova basketball star Will Sheridan joins us to talk about coming out to his team five years ago, his music career, and the reaction he’s received since his big announcement.
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twitter_logo_150 May 12, 2011
Twitter is getting athletes and sports agents in trouble. Gay athlete is prom king.
Todd Reynolds of Uptown Sports, NC State’s CJ Leslie and sportscaster Damian Goddard all took to Twitter to disagree with Sean Avery’s support of gay marriage. Plus gay athlete Craig Cassey wins prom king.
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podcast_soccer_kiss_150 April 28, 2011
Are actions and words by athletes becoming less gay…at the same time they are becoming gayer
Kissing on the cheek. Kissing on the lips. Holding hands. More and more we see male athletes show affection for one another. How gay is it. Plus are gay epithets losing power or gaining momentum.
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podcast_bowdoin_150 April 21, 2011
Out coach and athlete open closet doors at Maine college. NBA PSAs.
Tennis coach Colin Joyner and lacrosse player Ben Chadwick are opening conversations about gays in sports at Bowdoin College with their Anything But Straight in Athletics group. Lakers and Suns record PSAs encouraging tolerance.
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podcast_kobe_150 April 14, 2011
Kobe Bryant uses anti-gay slur on the court
Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant was caught calling an NBA referee a ‘fucking faggot’ on national TV. His statement on the issue did not include an apology, and he is appealing the $100k fine from the NBA. We talk about next steps for Kobe.
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podcast_mariburningham_150 April 7, 2011
Out college coaches and athletes from BYU and in rural America.
The New York Times profiled Outsports last week and some of the work we’ve been doing, including the stories of gay athletes and coaches hailing from BYU. Also, we’ll tell the story of an out men’s head coach this week..
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podcast_miami_andy_miele_15 March 31, 2011
Miami (Ohio) hockey team embraces gay athletes.
The Miami (Ohio) hockey team talks about Brendan Burke, keeping homophobic epithets out of the locker room, and embracing the idea of a gay teammate.
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podcast_adrian_peterson_150 March 24, 2011
Hot athletes in King of the Hardwood. A lesbian basketballer. Straight allies in hockey.
It’s that time again for the annual King of the Hardwood. Gareth Thomas lost in Round 1, and it looks like every black entrant will also lose. A lesbian basketball player at a Catholic high school comes out with an amazing story. And we talked with some straight allies at Miami (Ohio) hockey who remember Brendan Burke.
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podcast_ryan_quinn_150 March 10, 2011
Ryan Quinn discusses being a gay athlete in Utah, plus his new novel ‘The Fall’
Former college skier Ryan Quinn joins us to talk about his experience as a gay athlete in Utah, plus the issues facing gay athletes at Mormon schools. Plus he has a new book out, ‘The Fall,’ which features a gay athlete.
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podcast_brian_sims_150 March 3, 2011
Brian Sims discusses gay college athletes, BYU and Greg Congdon
Out former college football captain Brian Sims joins us to talk about his visits to dozens of schools since our article about him came out in 2009. Plus we chat about BYU’s problem with sex and Greg Congdon.
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podcast_shower_150 February 24, 2011
Ian Roberts talks about showers. Coward pro athletes still won’t come out.
Ian Roberts offers some straight talk about gays in the locker rooms and the falling hurdles to athletes coming out. Yet we still have only active high school and collegiate athletes leading the way, and some of them doing a great job of it.
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steve_buckley_150 February 17, 2011
Out sports columnist Steve Buckley joins us from Spring Training
Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley, who came out publicly in January, joins us to talk about the athletes who embraced him after he came out, how long it will be before we have an out active pro athlete, and some insight into Colts fans and the 2011 Red Sox.
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nick_youngquest_shorts February 10, 2011
Hot models, lesbian moms and Tibet
It’s a grab-bag of topics this week, chatting about Tibet and the Winkelvoss twins, the Super Bowl, an athlete’s lesbian mom, more athletes support gays and Howard Stern.
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aaron-rodgers February 3, 2011
Super bowl XLV and the gay angles
We talk about the Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, and we offer our picks. Plus ‘gay’ commercials.
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podcast_clippers_150 January 27, 2011
LGBT Equality Night with the Clippers. Players call Jay Cutler a “sissy.”
Outsports and Equality California have teamed up with the Los Angeles Clippers to host Equality Night on Feb. 2. Many NFL players have questioned Jay Cutler’s manhood after the NFC Championship game.
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podcast_gforce_150 January 20, 2011
Patrick Burke moderates gay-sports discussion for G-Force Hockey.
Glenn Witman of G-Force Hockey and Patrick Burke joined us to talk about the hockey team’s mission of overturning stereotypes in sports and Burke’s role in battling homophobia.
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podcast_athletes_blog_150 January 13, 2011
High school athletes come out and start a new blog.
Three high school athletes from three different cities got together and started a new blog, Walk the Road. Their hope is to build a community of support for young athletes, and they are already getting attention from the press for it.
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podcast_buckley_thomas_150 January 6, 2011
Sportswriter Steve Buckley comes out. We sit down with Gareth Thomas.
Boston Herald sportswriter Steve Buckley came out of the closet this week. He is the second Herald sportswriter to do so. And this week we met out rugby player Gareth Thomas.
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December 23, 2010
Our biggest stories of the year
We take a look back at some of the biggest gay-sports stories of the year, including Kye Allums and Andrew McIntosh coming out, athletes gettin in trouble for anti-gay epithets, Johnny Weir and the prominence of penises.
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December 16, 2010
Helen Carroll discusses the Belmont soccer case
NCLR’s Helen Carroll joins us to talk about Belmont University’s firing of lesbian soccer coach Lisa Howe.
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December 9, 2010
Lesbian coach fired by Belmont University. Outsports turns 10.
Belmont University women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe was fired for being a lesbian, sparking controversy and protests. And Outsports celebrates 10 years with a look back at some of our best articles and work.
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November 18, 2010
Pro-gay uniforms in rugby. Anti-gay remarks in Croatia.
A rugby team in England will wear anti-homophobia uniforms in an upcoming game. In Croatia, soccer officials have levied anti-gay attacks. Plus, can the Dallas Cowboys rise from the dead?
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November 11, 2010
Our sports pet peeves
Before we give thanks later this month, we talk about what bugs us in sports. At the top of the list are the complaints we get from readers about topics we put on our blog. A close second is the officiating in the NFL this year.
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November 4, 2010
Kye Allums comes out as transgender. Glenn Burke’s story.
George Washington University women’s basketball player Kye Allums announced on Outsports that he is transgender, creating a media frenzy that he never expected. Also, a new movie about trailblazer Glenn Burke is coming out.
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October 28, 2010
Giant pitcher’s leather guy. More ‘It Gets Better.’ Fighting homophobia in Europe.
The San Francisco Giants are World Series champs, and one of their relief pitchers has a fun friend in leather. More athletes produce their own ‘It Gets Better’ videos. And a couple groups fight homophobia in European sports.
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October 21, 2010
Homophobic sports chants. Drew Brees is against bullying.
As the bullying issue grabs hold of the gay community, examples of homophobic chants at sporting events are coming out. Meanwhile, Drew Brees is coming out against bullying of any kind. And Cyd has a total brain fade.
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October 14, 2010
Former NCAA wrestler Hudson Taylor joins us.
Straight former NCAA wrestler Hudson Taylor, who graduated from Maryland this year, found fame for wearing an HRC sticker while he wrestled. Now living in New York City, he is coaching and finding ways to continue his fight for gay equality.
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September 30, 2010
Former NFL player for gay equality. Gay Bowl X.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Outsports is headed to Phoenix for Gay Bowl X next week. But before we go, we caught up with former NFL OT Brett Miller who talked about gays in the locker room and gay equality.
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September 23, 2010
Kiss cams at sports events won’t show gays
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard When the St. Louis Rams showed two men on their kiss cam as an assault on the fans, some gay Missourans asked the St. Louis Cardinals to show a gay couple on their kiss cam. And they refused.
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September 16, 2010
Reporters in the locker room
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard With accusations from a female reporter that she was harrassed in the locker room by New York Jets players, some athletes say women don’t belong there. But the problem is not the women, it’s the men being inappropriate.
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September 9, 2010
Homophobia in sports gets negative reactions
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard It’s been a couple weeks filled with athletes and sports figures making homophobic comments. Just as interesting has been the reaction, a complete repudiation of the homophobia that spurred the comments.
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September 2, 2010
Dave Kopay previews the upcoming NFL and college football seasons
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Out former NFL player Dave Kopay joins us to preview the upcoming football seasons. He thinks Washington’s Jake Locker is the greatest athlete he’s ever seen. And he loves watching Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Plus, he says the dirty hits today have to stop.
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August 26, 2010
TV athletes are coming out of the closet
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard In the last week we’ve heard of male athlete characters coming out of the closet on three shows: Degrassi, Glee and 90210. Why is this new trend taking hold now, and what effect can it have on our culture?
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August 19, 2010
Baseball manager verbally assaults gay umpire, gets canned
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Bill Van Raaphorst is an openly gay baseball umpire. When a team manager yelled at him and called him a “faggot” several times, his fellow umpires rallied around Van Raaphorst and the manager was fired. It’s yet another gay-positive story coming out of professional sports.
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August 12, 2010
Reflections on Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard We’re back from a fantastic week in Germany for Gay Games VIII. The event was one of the best Gay Games ever.
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July 22, 2010
NFL player says league no place for gays. Manu supports marriage. Gay Games drug testing.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Former NFL DE Marcellus Wiley is the latest gay-positive person to say someone coming out in the NFL couldn’t handle the backlash. We dissect the folly of this perspective. Manu Ginobli supports gay marriage. And with the Gay Games kicking off, we talk about their drug testing.
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July 15, 2010
Gays on German World Cup soccer team. Gay days at MLB games.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard A German sports agent says there are gays on their World cups soccer team, as evidenced by their elegant style of play. Two big gay-fan events happened within one week at MLB games in Houston and Minnesota.
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July 8, 2010
Rugby fines homophobic chants. Gay Games. Other musings.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard A rugby league has fined a club for the homophobic chants of its fans. The Gay Games are three weeks away.
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June 24, 2010
Cubs and Blackhawks show their Pride in Chicago.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard The Cubs and Blackhawks are bringing a Hall of Famer and the Stanley Cup to Chicago’s Gay Pride parade this weekend. That signals a growing shift in the way the sports world views gays and lesbians.
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June 17, 2010
Church bans softball team with gays. Straight Olympic swimmers support equality.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard A Baptist Church near Memphis bans a softball team allegedly because some players are gay. Two straight Olympic gold medal swimmers endorse a gay rights swimming fundraiser. What we are looking forward to at the Gay Games.
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June 10, 2010
Is Matthew Mitcham now just an athlete? World Cup fever.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Matthew Mitcham took a gold at the diving World Cup, and it seems the sports media is ignoring the fact that Mitcham is gay. As the soccer World Cup starts, many in the U.S. are still not excited.
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June 3, 2010
Gays who hate gay athletes. John Amaechi on pro athletes coming out.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Some Advocate readers lashed out at gay athletes and sports fans last week, calling them “Nazis” and “filth.” John Amaechi wrote an insightful blog entry about his nuanced message on gays coming out in sports.
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May 27, 2010
Another NFLer cries “No Homo.” Out OSU coach profiled. Traveling to Cologne.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Tampa Bay Bucs rookie Gerald McCoy threw out the getting-old-fast “No Homo” after praising his “fellas” at the NFL Rookie Symposium. Out Oregon State softball coach Kirk Walker got some national attention. And we talk about the cost of traveling to the Gay Games.
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May 20, 2010
Aussie footballer doesn’t want gays to come out. The Mikey saga concludes.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Aussie footballer Jason Akermanis said this week he thinks gay athletes should stay in the closet. While he claims to be gay friendly, that’s impossible to believe. Also, we talk at length about the Mikey deception saga and what we know.
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May 13, 2010
Interview with Olympic speedskater Blake Skjellerup.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard New Zealander Blake Skellerup, a speedskater at the Olympics in Vancouver, chatted with us about his boyfriend, his chances of a medal in 2014, and other gays in his sport.
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May 6, 2010
NFL teams ask draftees sexual orientation. Olympian comes out.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard At least one NFL team has been asking potential draftees if they are gay. A Kiwi Olympic speed skater comes out. And baseball players are middle-of-the-road on gay issues.
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April 29, 2010
College sprinter comes out. Sports Illustrated features out rugby player.
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Columbia University sprinter Cory Benton talks about his coming out process, including racial stereotyping and a trip with his team to drag queen karaoke. Plus, Sports Illustrated features Gareth Thomas as the ‘world’s bravest athlete.’
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April 22, 2010
Bisexual players sue gay softball
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Two years ago three men claiming to be bisexual were kicked out of the Gay Softball World Series. Now the National Center for Lesbian Rights is suing the gay softball organization, and the repercussions could be felt throughout the gay sports world.
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April 15, 2010
Aussie pro athletes fighting homophobia
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard A couple months after English soccer had to scrap their anti-homophobia campaign, Aussie Rules Football easily recruited 30 players to participate in a pro-equality campaign of their own. Will we ever see the NFL do something similar?
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April 1, 2010
Polls say gays present and accepted in hockey and football
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Two new polls show yet again that athletes are aware of gays in the locker room, and that fans would accept a gay pro athlete. Yet we still have no one out in the Big Four leagues.
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March 25, 2010
The irrational emotion of love-of-team
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Cyd and Jim are both presented with the possibility that their favorite NFL team (the Patriots and Colts, respectively) will draft Tim Tebow. But that won’t change how they feel about their team.
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March 18, 2010
Weir snubbed by Stars on Ice; Gay Games four months away
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Johnny Weir was not invited to participate with Stars on Ice. Is it because he is perceived to be gay, or are there other forces at work?
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March 11, 2010
Closeted athletes blogging
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard While openly gay athletes are profiled by Outsports on a regular basis, closeted athletes are finding their voice by starting blogs and attracting throngs of readers.
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March 4, 2010
Ohio State coach Jim Tressel talks about gay issues
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel talked to a gay publication about gay people and gay athletes, saying that understanding and acceptance are key.



February 25, 2010
NCAA athletes break ground
HTML clipboard HTML clipboard Even as pro athletes refuse to come out, two college athletes, one gay (lacrosse player Andrew McIntosh) and one straight (wrestler Hudson Taylor), are opening doors for gay athletes.
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February 18, 2010
Gay athletes at the Vancouver Olympics
HTML clipboard There is a smattering of out athletes in Vancouver, with Johnny Weir bringing out homophobia in the sports media. Many others are in the closet.
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February 11, 2010
Chad Conley talks about the aftermath of being an elite athlete, Vancouver, Weir and Tebow
Former elite figure skater Chad Conley dropped in to talk about the men’s figure skating competition in Vancouver, and we stayed into the financial issues of retired athletes, Johnny Weir’s statements and Tim Tebow.
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January 28, 2010
Super Bowl ad hypocrisy, Greg Oden naked
CBS has accepted an anti-abortion Super Bowl ad from an anti-gay hate organization, but they reject two ads featuring gay or bisexual men. Greg Oden apologizes for his naked picture. And we recap coming out stories.
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January 21, 2010
Tim Tebow’s religion, TMZ comes to sports
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has always been in-your-face with his religious beliefs, and now he’s cut a commercial for the anti-gay Focus on the Family. Plus, will TMZ’s arrival in sports push athletes deeper into the closet.
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January 14, 2010
Gay sports fans, gay athletes and pop culture
Gay sports and athletes are creeping more and more into the conscience of pop culture. TV publicists are reaching out to market shows to gay sports fans, homoeroticism is key to the development of pro wrestling, and Ellen is dabbling.
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January 7, 2010
What our readers want
We hear lots of recommendations and requests over the course of any given year for particular content. So we decided to poll our readers to see what they want…and then look at what people actually read.
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December 17, 2009
2009: The year no one came out
After several years of high-profile athletes coming out of the closet, 2009 was the year everyone stayed in. The drove various closeted athletes to start increasingly popular blogs. Will we see another big athlete come out in 2010?
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December 10, 2009
Gay high school hockey player’s blog
A high school hockey player in Minnesota has started a blog that has captured the attention of a lot of people. He writes about his life in a tone you’d only expect from a 17-year-old.
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December 3, 2009
Maple Leafs GM’s son comes out, Grady Sizemore’s pictures
The son of Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke came out of the closet and it became a relatively big talk story. Pictures of a nearly naked Grady Sizemore made quite a splash, too.
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November 19, 2009
What we’re thankful for
Cyd and Jim are both thankful that Bill Belichick went for it on 4th and 2. But they’re also thankful for gay people making a difference in sports, their readers, and some homophobic jerks.
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November 12, 2009
Are gay-sports panels still useful?
We’ve hosted, been participants of and spectators at panel discussions on gays in sports. But we’ve started to wonder when and if these events are useful or effective.
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November 5, 2009
Drew Gooden accused of calling fans ‘faggot’
Maverick Drew Gooden allegedly called two fans ‘faggot’ at a recent Clippers game. The team won’t say anything, and now new accusations that Gooden did the same thing nine months ago. Outsports readers attack the victims while Gooden stays silent.
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October 29, 2009
Larry Johnson’s ‘faggot’ problem
Chiefs running back Larry Johnson used several gay slurs last week in addressing his coach, reporters and fans. The Chiefs handed down a suspension, and now Johnson is fighting that too. We discuss all of this, plus what the NFL should do.
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October 22, 2009
Is MMA gay? NFL’s throwback uniforms. ESPN’s naked issue.
Some in boxing are calling the MMA too gay to survive, but we think that tactic won’t work out for the aging sport. One of us likes the NFL’s throwback uniforms, and one of us wants to throw them back. And is the ESPN’s Body Issue anything special?
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October 15, 2009
West Coast teams dominate Gay Bowl 9
The ninth annual Gay Bowl took place in DC last weekend, with Jim and Cyd’s Los Angeles Motion beating the San Diego Bolts in the final. We talk about the tournament, what it means on a bigger scale, and straight guys playing gay football.
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October 1, 2009
Gay Games select Cleveland for 2014. Some readers get offended easily.
The Federation of Gay Games surprised some by selecting Cleveland to host the 2014 Gay Games. We talk about whether it was a good move. Plus, we talk about why some readers get offended easily or assume other people are offended when simple criticism is levied.
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September 24, 2009
Closeted MLB player calling it quits
For the last couple years Jim has been reading the blog of a closeted MLB player. On the blog he talks about his occassional sexual liasons, his batting slumps, and posts pictures of his readers. Recently he revealed this will likely be his last season playing baseball.
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September 17, 2009
Covert homophobia from two “macho” athletes. After one week, who’s atop the AFC?
Tim Hardaway and Floyd Mayweather Jr. both made some odd comments this week that made us wonder what homophobia lurks beneath the surface. After the top four teams in the AFC struggled in Week 1, we wonder if they are still the “top four.”
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September 10, 2009
Interviewing Johnny Weir
Outsports interviewed Johnny Weir last week, and Cyd gives some insight into what he didn’t report on in the article.
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September 3, 2009
Our NFL preview has familiar faces in the Super Bowl, and we agree on the NFC Champion.
It’s not often a 6-10 team turns around and goes to the Super Bowl the following year, but that’s exactly what both Jim and Cyd think is going to happen in the NFC. In the AFC, they have their same-old predictable champions; Still, one of them has been right four of the last six years.
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August 27, 2009
Ruggers fight homophobia. The brewing marriage battle in Maine.
Australian rugby players are doing their part to help fight homophobia. One Aussie team has joined an anti-homophobia campaign and one Aussie player is nearly naked on the Sex Issue cover of a gay magazine. Plus, we talk about what you can do to fight for same-sex marriage in Maine this year!
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August 20, 2009
NBA player thinks being gay is a choice. Thoughts on NFL season, Favre and Vick
Brendan Haywood says Stephon Marbury is starring in gay porn, and then he unleashed some rather uneducated thoughts on gay people. We talk about Brett Favre, Michael Vick and some NFL teams we think may surprise, both good and bad.
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August 13, 2009
Shirtless college athletes. Homophobia in European soccer
College football teams have been taking shirtless and humorous team photos, and we hope it is a new trend. Plus, a bad trend of homophobia in English and European soccer.
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August 6, 2009
Medal inflation at gay sports events
With the Outgames coming to an end, Jim Buzinski shared his thoughts on the ridiculous number of gold medals handed out at swimming and track & field. Should the Gay Games and Outgames stop giving gold medals to athletes who didn’t compete against anyone?
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July 30, 2009
Thoughts from the Outgames: Attacks, athletes, hook-ups and swimsuits
Outsports’ Jim Buzinski spent the week in Copenhagen at the World Outgames. He was the first reporter to talk to an injured athlete after the bomb attack at the track. He met athletes from around the world and various sports. And he talks about the Outgames as a fun, if smaller-than-expected, event.
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July 16, 2009
Talking about the Richard Jefferson rumors. Plus, T.O. gets naked for his new show
We were one of the first to talk about the Richard-Jefferson-is-gay rumors when news came out this week that he abruptly canceled his wedding. Some readers took us to task for it. But within 24 hours, people on ESPN and across the media were discussing the rumors. What place does discussing rumors have on Outsports? Plus, both Cyd and Jim are excited for T.O.’s new show, but for different reasons.
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July 9, 2009
How to shed pounds fast for the summer (and whenever else)
Jim and Cyd have always been pretty lean. But in the last 18 months, Jim has lost 40 pounds; In the last six months, Cyd has lost 17 pounds. They didn’t intend to do it: They just changed their diet to be healthier and shifted their workout routine. They share some of the easy (and some of the difficult) things they did that have left them both leaner for the summer.
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June 25, 2009
Have the Outgames, and possibly the Gay Games, run their course? Gay Cincinnati Reds rumors
With registration numbers for the World Outgames in one month well below initial expectations, we have started wondering if there’s a need for the Outgames or even the Gay Games! And why has it become commonplace to think an athlete is gay if he seems distracted on the field?
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June 18, 2009
NFL ready for a gay player? What gay pride has become.
The Washington Post explored whether the NFL was ready for a gay player. Was that a good question for them to ask, and what do you think of them including homophobic former player Ken Hutcherson? Also, gay pride becomes more about the fringes of the “gay community,” and sports are largely nowhere to be found.
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June 11, 2009
ESPN tackles gay porn. Trans basketball. Nake pole vaulter.
ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ is doing a short feature on two former Nebraska wrestlers who were kicked off the team last year for appearing in gay porn. Twp Filippino transgender basketball teams squared off and cameras were there to catch the spectacle. A French pole vaulter got naked for the cameras again. Plus: Gay Yankee, Brett Favre.
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June 4, 2009
Collegiate soccer player’s coming-out story.
Nils Sundin came out to his St. Ambrose University soccer team last autumn, and he went on to be named Defensive MVP. Sundin talks with us about his coming-out process, his dating experience, hitting the town in big cities and what might lay ahead for him.
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May 28, 2009
Rugger David Williams is gay-friendly. A high school swimming crush.
Australian rugby player David Williams, winner of the King Of The Hardwood contest, answers some of our questions about gay fans and players and comes across as very gay-friendly. Also, a high school swimmer has a crush on one of his teammates. Is it OK and how should/could he react?
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May 21, 2009
Should Outsports not report on attractive athletes?
A couple blog items this week attractive yet still even more criticism from Outsports readers. One was a question asking who can call a 16-year-old diver cute or hot. The other was a revisiting of the Brian Sims story, with some readers attacking us for writing about too many attractive out athletes.
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May 14, 2009
Gay Winter Olympics event. Our sports pet peeves.
A promoter of gay events at Whistler are hyping up their “Pride House,” which they say will be a congregating spot for gay athletes at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. We doubt that will happen. Also, our sports pet peeves: Gold medals in swimming, basketball refs, holding on kick-off returns and more.
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May 7, 2009
Leave Dungy alone? Outgames status. Closeted on a championship team
We’ve been following a lot of Tony Dungy’s moves since the coach raised money to fight against gay rights, and a couple people are telling us to stop. Should we? The Outgames are about 10 weeks away: What should people be expecting? And some gay men and women are still closeted despite winning national gay-sports titles.
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HTML clipboard April 30, 2009
The Braylon Edwards-is-gay rumors
We’ve heard rumors in the past that NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards is gay, but we’d never written about it until Deadspin reported a couple rumors they had heard. Cyd and Jim talk about whether they should be adding new stories to the fire or if reporting on the stories others unveil is all they should do.
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HTML clipboard HTML clipboard April 23, 2009
NFL Draft, Madden curse, Lacrosse epithets & Mitcham’s money
It’s the NFL Draft, the most over-hyped sports event of the year. There are a couple things we’re interested to see, but not enough to watch 12 hours of coverage. Also, is the Madden curse real? UCLA lacrosse players use some gay-unfriendly language. And Matthew Mitcham still wonders why he has few endorsement deals.
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